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Your Own marketing Number

Most SMS Marketing providers have one number that is shared for all their clients. Text.biz provides you with your own number, which gives you more options and flexibility in your marketing efforts.

We have phone numbers available in all states and most metropolitan areas. After you sign up and log into your account for the first time, you will be able to make your selection from a list of phone numbers. That number will be provisioned immediately.

Can Receive Text Messages AND Phone Calls

Your Text.biz number will accept text messages AND phone calls. Text Messages that do not match your keywords are forwarded to your email. All calls are forwarded to the phone number you provide when you sign up. That could even be your cell phone if you want. You can change the forwarded email address and phone number at any time in your account settings.

Unlimited Keywords (10 at a time)

Most of our competitors make money off every keyword you purchase. Text.biz does not charge for keywords. Because your Text.biz number is dedicated to you, you do not have to compete with other clients over keywords. You can chose any keyword you want. It is limited to 10 at a time to keep the reporting and analytics charts manageable.

No Cost for Incoming Text Messages

Text.biz does not charge for incoming text messages, unlike many of our competitors.

Easy Message Scheduling System

Our Message Scheduling System is very easy to use. Just select a keyword that represents a group of subscribers, click on a date in the calendar, and choose a time -- done! You can also send out immediate text blasts.

Marketing Analytics to Measure Success

We provide tools to help measure your success. Through a series of informative charts and graphs you will be able to see, at a glance, how you are doing and how various keywords are performing. This can help you tweak what you are doing and make the necessary adjustments to improve your marketing strategies.

Real SMS Texting (not email to SMS)

Text.biz provides real SMS texting, rather than "email to text" which is free anyway, unreliable, and difficult to reply to with a keyword. Some major carriers do not allow email to text, others block it at even the slightest hint that it is being exploited for commercial gain.

Up and Running within Minutes

You won't believe how easy our system is to use. From signup to "up and running" can be just minutes: (1) sign up, (2) choose a marketing number, (3) create a keyword and auto-reponse message. Done! Just advertise your marketing number and you will be gaining new subscribers immediately!

Low Cost / High ROI / No Contract!

Text.biz is inexpensive. Our price per message starts at around 5 cents; and the cost per message goes even lower the more messages you send out. We pass the savings we get from bulk rates to you. No other medium lets you reach highly interested and targeted customers, who just might need a little nudge, for so little. The ROI (return on investment) is phenomenal! And to top it off, there is no financial contract; so you are not locked into a long-term commitment.

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