Text Marketing Strategies

21 May

Promoting your Keywords

As you develop a marketing strategy, consider the synergy of cross-marketing. While the intention of mobile marketing is to drive customers to your place of business or website, you should also use those mediums to get customers to subscribe to your texting program. The use of high visibility mediums like signs and ...

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28 Mar

Why Use Text Marketing?

Why should your business invest an SMS Marketing campaign? Here are 10 great reasons:

1. People would rather text than talk. Americans sent over 2 trillion text messages last year. Simply put, we’d rather text than talk.

2. SMS gets to the point - 160 characters forces you to deliver exactly what your customers want. In other words, all meat, no filler ...

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15 Jan

The 4 Golden Rules of a Great SMS Marketing Campaign

A text message is only 160 characters - so you might be thinking, 'how can I screw that up?' That's the wrong way to think about your SMS copy-writing. Why might you think that? Text Messaging is low cost, simple and feels informal. However, the quality of the copy of SMS marketing actually is very important - after all the goal is to generate positive ROI and a good response. Quality copy - even only 160 characters of it - can make a big ...

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