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Testimonials / What Our Clients Have to Say

  • Amazing product. Easy to use. Began seeing results immediately! We had no idea SMS Texting to customers could be so simple. When we blast out a lunchtime "special" to our subscribers, we can almost guarantee that customers will come in as a result.
    Randall S., Restaurant Owner
  • We signed up and had an auto-responder with a keyword up and running within ten minutes. It is so easy! Once we posted a bill-board with our number and keyword, we started getting subscribers almost immediately.
    Susan M., Manager, Betty's Crafts & Supplies
  • We love the flexibility of being able to use any keywords and change them at will. The reports have helped us measure the effectiveness of different mobile marketing campaigns. This is a marketing tool that no sales-based business should be without.
    Thomas K., Marketing Manager, Game Mania

Text Marketing Strategies

21 Feb

Promoting your Keywords

As you develop a marketing strategy, consider the synergy of cross-marketing. While the intention of mobile marketing is to drive customers to your place of business or website, you should also use those mediums to get customers to subscribe to your texting program. The use of high visibility mediums like signs and ... Read More